Wrocław, dz. 3/12, 3/37


Voi.: dolnośląskie, District: Wrocław, Community: Wrocław, Polska

Kępa Mieszczańska


land area: 0,5632 ha

useful area: 82,00 m2





So far predominant function


Real estate category

recreational property


Regional Office Wrocław

Katarzyna Duś, Senior Specialist

(Real Property Unit)

Phone: 717107299

E-mail: k.dus@amw.com.pl



(Regional Office Wrocław)

Phone: (+48 71) 710 72 00

E-mail: wroclaw@amw.com.pl


Tracking the status

Podając swój adres e-mail otrzymasz wiadomość z informacją o zmianie statusu nieruchomości,np. informację o przetargu, zmianie daty przetargu, lub informację o wykazie.

Tell me about the change in the property status.

Estate description


The built-up property is situated in the most attractive downtown part of Wrocław, in the north of an island called Kępa Mieszczańska, at the fork of two canals of the Odra river: the Northern Odra and the Southern Odra canals. In the south it’s adjacent to Mieszczańska and Dmowskiego streets. The property is so attractive owing to its proximity to the Old Market and the University – approximately a 5 minute walk along the pedestrian route. It also has excellent connections with arterial roads heading towards Poznań and Warsaw. Right since the establishment of the city, the island has always had a strategic importance. It was a part of city’s fortifications, and then it was a heavily fortified stronghold. In 19th century the military hospital was situated  there and subsequently was transformed into cavalry barracks. Most recently , the property was used as a workshop – storage compound. The land is about 5 meters above the level of the Odra river. Its borders from the river are framed by a stone waterfront regularly overgrown with trees.


The property consists of:

- plot no. 3/12, AM-21, precinct 0005 Plac Grunwaldzki area of 0.0147 ha;
- plot no. 3/37, AM-21, precinct 0005 Plac Grunwaldzki area of 0.5485 ha;
- with a 1/6 share in plot no. 3/13, AM-21, precinct 0005 Plac Grunwaldzki area of 0.0858 ha;
- a 1/7 share in plot no. 3/39, AM-21, precinct 0005 Plac Grunwaldzki area of 0.1796 ha;
- a 1/15 share in plot no. 3/40, AM-21, precinct 0005 Plac Grunwaldzki area of 0.5385 ha. Plot no. 3/40 is an internal road, it is partially hardened, built-up with constructions and a part of building no. 46 (office and staff building) with a capacity of 50 m3 and a usable area of 12.00 m2.

Plot no. 3/37 is built-up with building no. 8 and constructions. Plot no. 3/12 is not developed.

Building no. 8 (warehouse building) – one-storey, without a basement. The building’s usable area is: 82.00 m2

Plots no. 3/13 and 3/39 are internal roads. Plot no. 3/13 is partially hardened, a part of it is a grass field. Plot no. 3/39 is partially hardened.

The property was developed with the following supply networks: energy, water and sewage, and heating supply, which were supplied from the internal networks of the former barracks complex. In connection with the geodesic division of the property and sale of the newly separated plots as individual tender objects, in order to ensure the supplies, there is a need for the purchaser of the property to obtain new technical conditions for connection to the aforementioned networks.

Access from the public road – Mieszczańska street – to plots no. 3/12 and 3/37 will be provided through plots no. 3/13, 3/39 and 3/40 being internal roads.

Offer details

The land where the property is situated is included in the local spatial development plan for the north side of the area of Kępa Mieszczańska in Wrocław passed by the Wrocław City Council Resolution no. XLVI/1105/13 of 27 June 2013r. (published in the Official Gazette of the Dolnośląskie province on the 15.07.2013, item 4330). In compliance with the above plan the plots of land are situated on the area marked on the plan as green area and internal roads.

Location plan



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