Witkowo Pierwsze, dz. 910/10


Voi.: zachodniopomorskie, District: stargardzki, Community: Stargard, Polska

ul. Spółdzielców


land area: 0,1506 ha

useful area: 607,00 m2






So far predominant function


Real estate category



retail, service

Tender available - Rent

Tender on: 09.06.2020hour 10:00

Tender positions:

  1. Surface 0,1506 ha
    Asking price 2 550,00 PLN


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Regional Office Szczecin

Marcin Walczyński, Head Specialist

(Real Property Unit)

Phone: (+48 91) 447 20 22



Tracking the status

Podając swój adres e-mail otrzymasz wiadomość z informacją o zmianie statusu nieruchomości,np. informację o przetargu, zmianie daty przetargu, lub informację o wykazie.

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Estate description


Witkowo Pierwsze – a village located in the south part of the municipality, approx. 7 km to the south of Stargard Szczeciński, at a road fork of roads leading from Kluczewo to Kolin and from Strzyżyno to Krępcewo. It was founded in the 1950s as a night-shelter base for the workers of Spółdzielnia Produkcyjna Witkowo (currently “Agro-firma Witkowo”). Agrofirma is one of the largest agricultural holdings, both in the voivodship and in the country. It conducts its activity in the area of 15 communes and municipalities, as well as 42 villages. Witkowo Pierwsze is inhabited by approx. 480 persons. It is surrounded by farm fields, away from the hustle and bustle of city life and pollution.
The property is located in the western part of the town. Together with other former military plots it  forms a compact and regular rectangle, built-up with buildings of various types.


Plot No. 910/10 is located in the extreme southwestern part of the complex.
The property has a regular shape, similar to a rectangle. The building with a basement, being the former kitchen-cafeteria, with an area of 607m2 and capacity of 3533 m3 constitutes its middle part. In 2006, the property underwent a thorough modernization. The building is surrounded by a paved, internal access road. The entrance to the property will eventually be from the south, straight from the road linking the village Witkowo Pierwsze and Strzyżno.
The whole area of the complex was partially hardened with driveways, maneuver areas, sidewalks, additionally fenced with the steel mesh on frames on a concrete pillar. The complex is developed with a power, water, sewage, and gas network. Currently, none of the systems is in use.

Offer details

In the local study of conditions and directions of spatial management of the Stargard Szczeciński commune, these areas are marked as IS - military areas; however, by Resolution No. XXXIII/247/05 of December 20, 2005, the Municipal Council proceeded with the change of the study, where the scope of the planned changes includes the above areas.


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