Suwałki, dz. 32963/62


Voi.: podlaskie, District: Suwałki, Community: Suwałki,

ul. Utrata


land area: 2,4611 ha

Real estate category

retail, service

Tender available - Sale

Tender on: 16.12.2019hour 11:00

Tender positions:

  1. Surface 2,4611 ha
    Asking price 1 800 000,00 PLN


Pobierz ogłoszenie

Regional Office Olsztyn

Andrzej Siwko, Specialist

(Real Property Unit)

Phone: (+48 89) 536 31 38



Tracking the status

Podając swój adres e-mail otrzymasz wiadomość z informacją o zmianie statusu nieruchomości,np. informację o przetargu, zmianie daty przetargu, lub informację o wykazie.

Tell me about the change in the property status.

Estate description


Suwałki is a Poviat capital, located in the northern part of the Podlaskie Voivodeship, in the vicinity of the S8 national road from Warsaw to the border crossing with Lithuania. The real estate property is located at the outskirts of the town in its southern parts. In the immediate vicinity of the plot of land, there are military unit, a prison and the S8 national road. The further surrounding consists of service and residential development.  The access to the real estate property is good.


The real estate property is a flat land with irregular shape. The area is a compact complex partially fenced, covered with grass and trees, mainly birch.

Offer details

The property is not covered with zoning plan. Neighboring areas are covered with zoning plan and intended for commercial buildings (2 000 sq. metres), hotel, catering and exhibition services.

Location plan



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