Oleśnica, dz. 57/12


Voi.: dolnośląskie, District: oleśnicki, Community: Oleśnica, Polska



land area: 23,1613 ha

useful area: 0,00 m2

Real estate category


retail, service


Regional Office Wrocław


(Regional Office Wrocław)

Phone: (+48 71) 710 72 00

E-mail: wroclaw@amw.com.pl


Katarzyna Duś, Senior Specialist

(Real Property Unit)

Phone: 717107299

E-mail: k.dus@amw.com.pl


Tracking the status

Podając swój adres e-mail otrzymasz wiadomość z informacją o zmianie statusu nieruchomości,np. informację o przetargu, zmianie daty przetargu, lub informację o wykazie.

Tell me about the change in the property status.

Estate description


The land property is located in Cieśle, in Oleśnica municipality, directly on the national road no. 8, approx. 2.5 km to the east of city limits of Oleśnica, 2 km from the interchange connecting the S8 road (the ring road of Oleśnica) with the national road no. 8 via the national road no. 25.


The land property is constituted by the plot no. 57/12, AM-3, section 0005 Cieśle, of 23.1613 ha in area. The neighbourhood of the land property is constituted by undeveloped areas intended for the purposes of business activity, rural areas and forest areas. The area of the plot is flat and has the shape resembling a rectangle. Two of its sides are adjacent to access roads with ground surface and one of its sides is adjacent to the national road no. 8 and forest areas. The plot is undeveloped, not equipped with utilities and non-fenced. The area of the plot is tree-covered to a large extent and contains large amounts of shrubbery, mainly in its south and west parts. Forest stand composition is constituted by deciduous and coniferous trees, mainly birches, cherries and pines.

Offer details

The land property has been entered into the Land and Mortgage Register No. WR1E/00080067/5 kept by the District Court in Oleśnica, 5th Land and Mortgage Register Department.

In accordance with the local land use plan for the village of Cieśle, approved by virtue of the Resolution of Oleśnica Municipality Council No. VII/31/11 of March 30th, 2011, published in the Journal of Lower Silesia Voivodship Office No. 139, item 2296 of July 1st, 2011 [Dziennik Urzędowy Województwa Dolnośląskiego nr 139, poz. 2296 z dnia 1 lipca 2011r.], the plot no. 57/11 is located within the area marked with the AG/1 function, for which the basic purpose has been determined – business mobilisation areas – industry, storage and equipment facilities, storage yards, as well as the permission for planning:

a) arranged greenery, including tree covers and shrubberies,

b) communication and technical infrastructure equipment, parking bays and detached garages,

c) accompanying dwelling units not exceeding 30% of usable floor area of a service facility,

d) advertising and information elements,

e) commercial services,

f) roads and vehicle access supplementing the traffic system.

In the study of conditions and directions of spatial development of Oleśnica Municipality, approved by virtue of the Resolution of Oleśnica Municipality Council No. XLVII/221/10 of March 30th, 2010, the area in question has the AG/1 function – development areas for business mobilisation sites – industry, storage and equipment facilities, and storage yards.

Location plan


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