Nowe Kramsko, dz. 1299/53

Nowe Kramsko

Nowe Kramsko

dz. 1299/53

Nowe Kramsko


Voi.: lubuskie, District: zielonogórski, Community: Babimost, Polska

Nowe Kramsko


land area: 0,0339 ha

Real estate category


List - Rent

List positions:

  1. Surface 0,0339 ha
    Asking price 285,00 PLN


Pobierz wykaz

Regional office Zielona Góra

Alicja Grabowska, Inspector

(Real Property Unit)

Phone: (+48 68) 411 96 48



Tracking the status

Podając swój adres e-mail otrzymasz wiadomość z informacją o zmianie statusu nieruchomości,np. informację o przetargu, zmianie daty przetargu, lub informację o wykazie.

Tell me about the change in the property status.

Estate description


The property is located at the former military airport. Currently it is a civil airport.

The property is surrounded by partially built-up areas and a forest. Access to the property is provided by the road with bituminous pavement.

The Babimost - Zielona Gora road is located at a short distance from the property. Babimost town lies 5 km from the property and 34 km from Zielona Góra and 98 km from Poznan. Important car and rail passageways run through the area of the municipality, and within 22 km from Babimost, in Cigacice, the river port on the Oder river is located. Both the railway and river port offer container transport.


On the plot No. 1299/42 there is a warehouse building No. 100 with a usable area of 211.3 m2. The building is detached, single-storey, without basement, constructed with the use of a traditional technology, equipped with the following systems: electrical, lightning, water supply and sewerage.

In addition, the plot contains a road of bituminous surface of area of 360 m2 in a satisfactory condition.

The plot No. 1299/43 contains:
- storage building No. 15 with usable area of 1152, 8 m2,
- storage building No. 17 with  usable area of 38,1 m2,
- storage building No. 45 with  usable area of 413, 03 m2,
- storage building without number with  usable area of 567,25 m2.

 In addition, the plot contains roads and squares of bituminous pavement, departure ramp No. 53, part of the former military railway siding No. 701 (track length 557.2 m), earth embankment for a plane, single - 2 pcs

No inventory of the network of technical utilities makes it impossible to determine their course along the plots and their technical condition.

The property area is not fenced. The shape of the property is irregular, and the terrain flat. Street lamps are located on the property, but currently there is no power supply.

The property does not have a direct access to a public road. Access to the public road is possible through the plot No. 1299/40 with an area of 4.5722 hectares (KW ZG2S/00024548/3), owned by the local branch of the Military Property Agency in Gorzow Wielkopolski. During the sale of plots No. 1299/42 and 1299/43 the road easement, consisting of right to pass and drive through plot No. 1299/40 for each and every current owner of plots No. 1299/42 and 1299/43, will be settled.

Offer details

The area where the property is located does not have any current local development plan.

In the study of conditions and directions of spatial development of Babimost Municipality adopted with the Resolution of the City Council in Babimost No. XIV/72/2000 of 19.06.2000, the estate area was designated with the symbol Tr - different areas.


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