Biedrusko, dz. 52/6 i 52/10


Voi.: wielkopolskie, District: poznański, Community: Suchy Las, Polska


land area: 8,2355 ha

useful area: 0,00 m2



So far predominant function


Real estate category

recreational property


Regional office Poznań

Małgorzata Nawrocka–Kowandy - sprzedaż nieruchomości, Senior Specialist

(Real Property Unit)

Phone: (+48 61) 660 67 54



Paweł Szewczyk, Manager

(Real Property Unit)

Phone: (+48 61) 660 67 48



Tracking the status

Podając swój adres e-mail otrzymasz wiadomość z informacją o zmianie statusu nieruchomości,np. informację o przetargu, zmianie daty przetargu, lub informację o wykazie.

Tell me about the change in the property status.

Estate description


The town of Biedrusko is located in the western part of the Commune, on the western bank of the Warta River. The property is located to the north-east from Biedrusko development. The property is surrounded by forests. The property is accessible from the road Biedrusko – Murowana Goślina (Wolności Street) via an asphalt road.


Plot 52/6 is covered with:
- building no. 1 (training facility) – usable floor area: 215.45 m2
- building no. 3 (other general use military facility SD) – usable floor area: 35.37 m2
- building no. 6 (other general use military facility) – usable floor area: 30.67 m2, cubic capacity: 94 m3.
In the property, there are also three sheds, two bunkers and a B-type garrison shooting range (out of operation), and asphalt yard, an earth yard, asphalt roads, earth roads, an electric power line D-50 and a cable line P-50.
410 metre-long telephone wire XTKMX 5x4x0,6 connects Plot no. 52/6 with the Garrison Communication Centre. The cable is not used and the military does not need it. The wire connection consists of one cable box and a 10-pair connection unit.
About 10 metres from the eastern wall of building no. 1, there is an unused dug well, 1.5 metre in diameter. On building no. 1, there is a power line connection. At present, the electric power is disconnected from the property. It is possible to reconnect to the power grid after obtaining connection conditions from the power distribution company ENEA.
In the eastern part of Plot no. 52/6, within its limits, there is a field earth road which the State Forests Company uses to transport of wood. The road was used as a fire fighting route. Plot no. 52/10 forms the access road from Wolności Street to Plot no. 52/6. In the plot, there is a 3 metre-wide asphalt strip. The unpaved surface of the road is covered with grass and bushes. The property is not fenced.

Offer details

For the said properties, there is no Local Zoning Plan. In accordance with the Study of Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development (Municipality Council’s Resolution no. XXXVIII/351/2009 of 09.09.2009 on the amendment to the study), Plot no. 52/6 lies in the area described as 3.07.TZ, i.e. restricted area, while Plot no. 52/10 lies in the area earmarked for transport infrastructure.
The Military Property Agency - Local Branch in Gorzów Wielkopolski requested that the Commune of Suchy Las prepare the Local Zoning Plan for the said property and the Plot no. 52/6 is therein earmarked for residential development.

Location plan


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