Gubin ul. Kresowa dz. 6/8


Voiv.: lubuskie, District: krośnieński, Community: Gubin Poland

land area: 0,9941 ha, useful area: 4560,74 m2

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Contact: Regional Office Gorzów Wlkp.
Kinga Pawlikowska, Specialist
(Marketing and PR Section)
Tel.: (+48 95) 733 80 79

Grzegorz Sikora, Senior Specialist
(Marketing and PR Section)
Tel.: (+48 95) 733 80 80

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The real property is located at the outskirts of the City of Gubin, near the outbound road leading to Krosno Odrzańskie, approximately 3 km from the city centre, within the area of the former barracks complex K-2573. The neighbourhood and surroundings of the real property are constituted by former military areas. Moreover, the west part of the plot borders with Róży Luksemburg Street. Convenient vehicle access to the real property is provided via internal roads leading from Kresowa Street, i.e. via plots nos. 6/42 and 6/43 which are to be sold for co-participation. The major part of the plot no. 6/42 is paved with granite sett, whereas its part is paved with poured concrete, concrete slabs, gravel and slag. By contrast, the plot no. 6/43 has a slag soil surface.


The real property is developed with the barracks building no. 12 of 4,560.74 m2 in usable floor area and 17,900 m3 in cubic volume. This detached, three-storey building features a storage loft, an attic and a basement. In front of the building, there is a pavement made of paving slabs of 74 m2 in cubic volume. The part of the plot, which is adjacent to Kresowa Street, contains masonry fencing made of clinker brick on concrete base course, of 88 running metres in length and 2.40 metres in height. The part adjacent to Róży Luksemburg Street contains fencing made of precast reinforced concrete units embedded between reinforced concrete posts anchored in the ground, of 112 running metres in length and 2.00 metres in height.

The plot has regular shape and flat topography. The undeveloped part of the plot is grown by trees with the prevalence of pines.

The plot is located within the area of a former barracks complex which was equipped with water supply and distribution network, sanitary drainage network and power network. Due to the liquidation of the former military water supply pump stations and waste-water treatment plants, the water supply and distribution network, as well as the sanitary drainage network, have been excluded from operation. Due to the condition of the power network, as well as the manner in which the individual real properties are powered, the existing power network has been excluded from operation. The following networks are present under Róży Luksemburg Street: water supply and distribution network, sanitary drainage network and power network.

It is necessary to provide new water supply, sanitary drainage and power connections, in accordance with the conditions specified by the suppliers of utilities.

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At present, there is no valid local land use plan for the area in which the plot is located. In the Study of Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development of the City of Gubin, approved by virtue of the Resolution of Gubin City Council No. LVI/294/98 of June 18, 1998, these areas have been marked as intended for special areas. At present, the City of Gubin has not started the preparation of a local land use plan for the real property in question.

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